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We believe that developing stand alone solutions will not make much difference. Hence, Innovation Factory is developing an entire eco-system that will help create a profound digital economy over blockchain accessible across the globe.


BFICoin is BFIC Blockchain's native coin. Based on the 3rd Generation Blockchain, BFICoin is not just a tool to record transactions, but will act as a complete digital currency with its very own utility based ecosystem.

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1st Investment

1st Investment Bank is a BFIC custom investment platform that allows you to freely enjoy your BFIC investments while yielding generous ROIs, with the freedom to withdraw at will.

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BFIC network

The BFIC Network is an evolutionary platform that enables real-time crypto mining through Smart Phone devices. The network acts as a system where numerous users can collectively generate BFIC Coins with mutual interest.

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love wallet

A crypto wallet by Innovation Factory that every crypto lover is going to love! Love Wallet is equipped to securely store cryptocurrencies, NFTs and any other digital assets. The wallet support 1M+ Assets inlcuding blockchains and exchanges.

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XchangeOn is a Crypto Currency Exchange Platform that offers easy & instant peer-to-peer exchange. With XchangeOn you can easily exchange BFIC with other cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

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World’s first cryptocurrency-based bonds. Users can buy crypto bonds using BFIC coins and get a chance to win great BTC prizes. This acts as crypto savings as well as multiplier platform.

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Bulleto Smart Contracts is a crypto investment platform that converts BFIC coins into profitable investment via smart contracting. Comprising of Co-Matrix and Dual Matrix plans, Bulleto is a powerful crypto machine.

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Insured Trading

Insured Trading allows you get your trade, exchange on investment plan insured. Once an insurance is attached to a plan, the company will reimburse its client for 30% of the incurred loss.

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BFIC Store

BFIC Store, is World’s First Crypto Commerce platform that allows you to make purchases from a wide range of international brands through your digital wallets.

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Virtual Meet

Virtual Meet, powered by BFIC, is a video conference platform that has been designed to facilitate crypto investors and network marketers for conducting meetups, live webinars and conferences.

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Time 2 Travel

Time 2 Travel enables you to fly across the globe with ease. Book your travel tickets online using BFIC, driectly from your digital wallets and enjoy cash free ammenities of traveling.

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XchangeOn DEX

XchangeOn DEX is a highly advanced exchange & trade platform for NFTs, Spot Trading & P2P exchange. Use BFIC to open your trading/exchanger account & build your crypto empire.

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Crypto Cash

Crypto Cash is a big utility enhancer for BFIC coins. Obtain BFIC debit and credit cards to enjoy liquidity access anywhere, anytime.

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An innovative new platform thats offers advanced trading solutions to crypto traders for enhancing their trading experience. These features are the first of their kind and will offer exceptional value added benefits.

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BlockHub IT

BlockHub IT is a dedicated blockchain development firm which will provide blockchain & financial smart contract developement solutions.

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Snake & Ladder

Snake & Ladder is a classical game with international fame. BFIC is powering an NFT Snake & Ladder game to bring an exciting gaming adventure with opportunities to win big in crypto currency.

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IdolBlocks is a BFIC Powered Crypto Gaming platform where users can enjoy competitive gaming and casino experience through their BFIC coins.

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A web 3.0 platform for crypto enthusiasts to upload videos, conduct live streaming sessions and engage with the crypto community.

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Enjoy a profound virtual shopping experience coupled with games & entertainement at MetaMall, an upcoming metaverse project by Innovation Factory.

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P2P Property

A unique new of buying and selling properties swiftly and securely. Forget escrow payments, enjoy instant smart contract based transfers in real estate deals with P2P Property.

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Explore THE World

ETW (Explore the World) is a first-of-its-kind platform to introduce citizenship via BFICoin. The platfrom has been developed by Innovation Factory to facilitate crypto enthusiasts with the option of obtaining a second citizenship through there crypto assets.

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Jokerz is a short-video streaming platform designed for masses. With the rapid popularity of similar apps and platforms, Innovation Factory developed Jokerz to offer affiliate and sharing rewards.

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PayPlus is a Multi-Ecosystem Digital Wallet that supports cross-chain transactions across 50+ Mainchains. PayPlus offers Visa, MasterCard & UniPay Cards with upto $50,000 daily limit.

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